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Make your trip matter with Giving Getaway, where each booking supports causes for people, the environment, and animals.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin€2,000Raised €992 towards the €2,000 target.€992Raised €992 towards the €2,000 target.50%
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin€2,000Raised €992 towards the €2,000 target.€992Raised €992 towards the €2,000 target.50%

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(Last updated: 17 July 2024)

Book your trip at no extra cost, and I donate to charity. It has never been this easy to travel for a purpose!

Giving Getaway’s travel booking service is based on affiliate marketing and designed to help you travel for a purpose. Every time you click on ads or use search widgets to look for hotels, flights, and more and then complete a booking, our partners pay a commission, of which 50% will be donated to trusted charity organizations.

Here is what you can book

Why Giving Getaway Is The Perfect Choice?


Information Gathering

Travelers from all around the world helped me build a unique travel database with detailed information about places on all seven continents.


Travel Booking

Save money with exclusive deals and book hotels, flights, tours, rental cars and much more by using search widgets and affiliate links.


Travel Planning

I help you plan your next trip by providing you with a great deal of individually and exclusively customized information within seven days.


Charity Projects

From every trip you book and every travel plan you purchase, significant parts of the profits will be forwarded to trusted charity organizations.

Shop for a Purpose

Buy high-quality products and Giving Getaway donates 50% of the margin of each purchase to charity!

What Giving Getaway's Customers Say

Ania Traveled for A Purpose with Giving Getaway

Ania O. (Poland)

What Chris did exceeded my expectations. I love planning a trip, but … Chris’s plan was a mastery! Something that delighted me were the maps with all locations, interesting places, viewpoints and restaurants. No more traveling without Chris’s maps, thank you!

Giving Getaway Helped Yazen to Travel to Patagonia

Yazen F. (USA)

Patagonia was by far one of the toughest trips I ever had to plan. Chris helped me arrange flights, accommodations, bus routes, and entrance fees to all the national parks. His itinerary was well detailed and extremely helpful. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Lisa Ordered an Information Package from Giving Getaway

Lisa W. (Germany)

This travel planning service is amazing! I just entered my desired destination and my interests in the short questionnaire and then I received an information package that provided me with all relevant information. Great concept and terrific execution!

Linda traveled for a Purpose with Giving Getaway

Linda H. (Netherlands)

It was very welcoming that Chris delivered such great plans and tips for my last-minute trip to Germany and Austria. I really liked the detailed information he gave, the hidden gems and food tips. Don’t hesitate to let Chris plan your trip, you’ll be very pleased for sure!

Serkan Booked on Giving Getaway and Traveled for a Purpose

Serkan B. (Germany)

The Information Package was clearly structured and contained everything I needed to know for my trip, no more guidebooks needed! And the best thing is that Chris included information other travelers collected on their trips. I will definitely order again, thank you!

Liz about Her Trip to Europe

Liz R. (USA)

Chris’ travel planning service is excellent!! He provided me with very detailed information about the top places I should visit, what food I should try and the best hidden gems. Don’t hesitate to contact him, I highly recommend you working with him.

Travel Inspiration and travel tips for your next trip

From the world’s most underrated places to travel tips on how to travel for a purpose, let Giving Getaway’s blogposts inspire you for your next trip!

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