Giving Getaway

We help you make the most of your next trip –
and support people and organizations protecting
the climate or our animals.

We customize your trip and donate 10% to charity

Our successful formula: a unique travel data base, customized travel plans, and charitable donations

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Step 1: Information Gathering

Travelers from all around the world helped us to build a unique database with information about places on all seven continents

From secluded places like Antarctica and Greenland over tropical places like Bali and Sri Lanka to megacities like New York City and London. Check out Giving Getaway’s World Map to find out which information have been gathered so far!
Now it’s your turn: help us build the world’s biggest travel database by completing our simple questionnaire about one destination of your choice. Subsequently you can choose one of the three options as a return for your help:
  • 5€ donation by Giving Getaway for a charitable cause of your choice!
  • 2 months of Instagram promotion for travel related Instagram profiles, websites, and businesses!
  • 1 information sheet with customized information about one destination of your choice!

Step 2: Travel Planning

We provide information about accommodations, transportation, sights, activities and much more

Choose the package that suits you best, answer 10 questions, lean back and let Giving Getaway do all the work!
  • Sightseer Package: overview of interesting sights, activities and general information for free!
  • Holidaymaker Package: whether you plan a city trip to London or a getaway to regions like the Côte d’Azur or the Algarve, this package includes everything you need to know for your next short trip on 10 pages!
  • Globetrotter Package: do you plan to explore a whole new country? Choose the Country Package and you will get 30 pages of useful information, such as top attractions, activities, hidden gems, accomodation, restaurants along your entire travel route!
  • Nomad Package: the best choice for novice and long-term travelers is the Premium Package as it’s the only package that includes full time support, unlimited and last-minute recommendations for accommodation and travel advice for unexperienced travelers!
  • Vagabond Package: None of these packages meet your needs? No problem! Answer the questions, choose the Custom Package, select only information you wish to receive and Giving Getaway will send you an exclusive price proposal within 24 hours!

Step 3: Charitable Donations

It starts with providing information and results in a large chain of good actions

Greed for profit seems to be omnipresent. Nothing works without money, but Giving Getaway’s approach is to attach utmost importance to other factors:
  • Reciprocity
  • Transparency
  • Charity

Giving Getaway offers five different Customized Information Packages for reasonable prices and provides 10 percent of every payment for people in need, climate protection or animal protection – and only you decide where your donation goes! The more Customized Information Packages we plan, the higher this percentage will be set in future.

Map Jumper

Travel virtually around the world, win access to our exclusive Hidden Gems Map and grow your Instagram page with our Instagram promotions prizes!

Pack your bags, come on board, fasten your seatbelts, and set out for a virtual trip around the world with Map Jumper, Instagram’s first and only travel game!

Once you become a Map Jumper, it will be all about “Kilometers”, virtual credits which you can earn by completing challenges and invest to virtually travel around the world. Those Map Jumpers who earn the most Kilometers in one month will be in the top 10 and win lots of exposure for their travel related Instagram profiles and websites as well as extra Kilometers for the upcoming month. 

Check out the Quickstart Guide which provides you with all the information you need to getting started – it won’t take more than five minutes to join the Map Jumper community!

What our customers say:

Ania O. (Poland)

What Chris did exceeded my expectations. I
love planning a trip, but … Chris’s plan was a
mastery! Something that delighted me were the
maps with all locations, interesting places,
viewpoints and restaurants. No more traveling
without Chris’s maps, thank you!

Yazen F. (USA)

Patagonia was by far one of the toughest trips
I ever had to plan. Chris helped me arrange
flights, accommodations, bus routes, and
entrance fees to all the national parks. His
itinerary was well detailed and extremely
helpful. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Lisa W. (Germany)

Giving Getaway’s travel planning service is
amazing! I just entered my desired destination
and my interests in the short questionnaire and
then I received an information package that
provided me with all relevant information.
Great concept and terrific execution!

Linda H. (Netherlands)

It was very welcoming that Chris delivered such
great plans and tips for my last-minute trip to
Germany and Austria. I really liked the detailed
information he gave, the hidden gems and
food tips. Don’t hesitate to let Chris plan your
trip, you’ll be very pleased for sure!

Serkan B. (Germany)

The Information Package was clearly structured
and contained everything I needed to know for
my trip, no more guidebooks needed! And the
best thing is that Chris included information other
travelers collected on their trips. I will definitely
order again, thank you!

Liz R. (USA)

Chris’ travel planning service is excellent!! He
provided me with a very detail information
of the top places I should visit, what food I
should try and hidden gems. Don’t hesitate to
contact him, I highly recommend you working
with him.

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We help you make the most of your next trip – and at the same time support people and organizations protecting the climate or our animals!

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