10 Glamorous Places To Visit In Udaipur In 2022

There’s no doubt that the idea of going to popular vacation destinations in 2022 is a great decision. After all, why wouldn’t it be? You may even know about some of these exciting destinations and you’ve been planning for your holiday for months. Udaipur is known for its serene and tranquil landscape which is enriched with forests, lakes, and lagoons. Udaipur is a city located on the banks of Pichola lake, in the Indian state

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The Endlessness Of The Negev Desert

Today I would like to invite you once again to travel with me through the deserts of Israel. In my last blog post “The Judean Desert – Israel’s Barren Beatuy“, I showed you the marvelous Judean desert that begins just outside the walls of Jerusalem, and its yellow lunar landscape contrasts with the blue of the Dead Sea. Now is the time to travel through Israel’s greatest desert, which covers 30 percent of the country.

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The Judean Desert – Israel’s Barren Beauty

You might think about Jerusalem – holy city for the three monotheistic religions, for Christianity, Judaism and Islam. You might think about the tomb of Christ, the wailing wall, the dome on the rock. You might think about the promised land, the only Jewish state in the world. You might think about Palestine, Gaza, the struggle for territory, or rather for beliefs, and the display of power. You might think about Tel Aviv, a cosmopolitan

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Why Nepal celebrates New Year In April

April 14, 2018. I am in Bhaktapur, one of Nepal’s three royal cities. Although Nepal stretches geographically beyond the Kathmandu Valley, it is this place that is the cradle of Nepal’s culture. It is the place where the rulers resided, with the most significant places, temples and royal Nepalese cities: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. The most important trade routes connecting Tibet and India passed through the Kathmandu valley and it was here that Hindu teachers

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Dharavi – The City Within A City

India, Mumbai on a hot and humid summer day. The monsoons are coming soon. Grey smog above the city is darkening the sky and I cannot see the sun, although I know it has to be there. I wonder if the sun has ever been seen above India’s big cities; maybe, but definitely not today. We get off the bus next to the railway station and meet a young guy, a Hindu named Suraj on

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