represented by Ania

“Crete is … beautiful beaches, in the north an ideal place for the development of heavenly resorts, in the south more wild, rocky. These are beaches that create such unforgettable images as the Balos and Elafonisi lagoons.
Crete is … unforgettable mountain landscapes, cut by ravines, with picturesque towns on the slopes.
Crete is … also a place where many cultures that have marked the island over the years of history: Minoan, Greek, Roman, Arab, Turkish, Byzantine, Venetian. An indispensable element of these cultural clashes is the strong affiliation of the Cretans to the Orthodox Church so you can see there many beautiful monasteries and churches.”


presented by Verena

“Visit Greece! It´s such a diverse country: you have the Mediterranean Sea, with an endless amount of beautiful islands and on the mainland there are not only beautiful beaches as well but also great mountains to discover. Moreover, the country is so rich in history, you probably need years to explore everything. In addition, there are still some very rural and traditional areas in Greece where you won´t meet many or no tourists at all.
If you are still not convinced the weather is fantastic and the food is a reason alone to visit Greece. We have visited different parts of Greece several times but are still looking forward to more visits to come. We have the great opportunity to be in touch with lots of locals because my brother has a Greek wife and we were immediately taken in as extended family. Greek people are very welcoming!”


represented by Juhily

The crisp white buildings with an azure colored dome roofs or the vibrant blue waters and pristine beaches: there is something about Santorini that constantly beckoned me to come traverse it’s picturesque landscapes. If your favorite color is blue and your favorite pass time is overlooking the blue sea, I’m sure you’d fall in love with Santorini! Explore the postcard town and its narrow, winding alleyways and staircases get yourself clicked at the three blue domes of Oia.

Sunsets in Santorini are known for being some of the most stunningly beautiful in the world. You feel entranced in a dreamlike state as the sun dips into the Aegean sea and paint the Santorini skies orange. 

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