Hidden Gems Collector

You discovered a beautiful place off the beaten path? Feel free to share it with travellers all around the world!

“The More We Share, the More We Have.”

Leonard Nimoy

Run-of-the-mill trips have had its day. What once was being considered as a hidden gem is now completely overcrowded and anything but a secret. Giving Getaway can’t conjure new continents and countries but it can contribute its part to find some still existing hidden gems of this amazing world!

You discovered a beautiful place off the beaten path? Great! Feel free to share it with travelers all around the world! From a beautiful spot in a metropolis like New York City to an isolated stretch of land in Siberia – any information is appreciated! Share five hidden gems with a description of two to three sentences and get a shoutout for your travel related Instagram profile, website, business or blog in return. Or trade one or more hidden gems you have discovered to receive hidden gems other travelers have contiributed. How does that work?

Simply check this list with the number of hidden gems in each country, submit your hidden gem(s) with the form below and tell us for which country you would like to receive hidden gems for, enter your email address and that’s it! Afterwards, keep an eye on your email inbox and look forward to receive hidden gems from our travel community!

Albania (4)

Armenia (6)

Australia (18)

Belgium (12)

Brazil (2)

Canada (3)

Croatia (5)

Czech Republic (3)

Ecuador (3)

Finland (3)

France (2)

Georgia (5)

Germany (26)

Greece (13)

Greenland (3)

India (30)

Indonesia (6)

Israel (3)

Italy (46)

Jamaica (1)

Latvia (6)

Lebanon (2)

Lithuania (3)

Luxembourg (3)

Malaysia (5)

Mexico (3)

Morocco (27)

Mozambique (3)

Netherlands (4)

New Zealand (4)

North Macedonia (3)

Pakistan (19)

Panama (4)

Poland (14)

Portugal (5)

Republic of Ireland (2)

Romania (35)

Slovenia (4)

South Africa (20)

South Korea (3)

Spain (27)

Sri Lanka (3)

Switzerland (13)

Thailand (4)

United Arab Emirates (8)

United Kingdom (8)

United States of America (36)

Vietnam (3)

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