Is Kyrgyzstan Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons To Visit This Asian Gem

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After I published my post about the 20 most underrated countries to visit around the world, I received several emails from people asking me about Kyrgyzstan. And the question “Is Kyrgyzstan worth visiting” was by far the most asked question. That’s why I decided to dedicate an entire post to this hidden gem in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan might not be on everyone’s travel radar but trust me when we say it is worth every minute of your time. From its breathtaking landscapes to its unique culture, Kyrgyzstan offers an experience like no other. But what makes it so special?

That’s a secret I will reveal as you delve deeper into this blog post where I will give you 10 reasons why you should put Kyrgyzstan on your bucket list!

1) The Breathtaking Natural Beauty

You’ll be absolutely captivated by the breathtaking natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan. Picture yourself surrounded by majestic mountains that touch the sky with their snow-capped peaks. These stunning ranges, like the Tien Shan and Pamir, create a backdrop that’s simply breathtaking.

But it’s not just about the mountains; Kyrgyzstan boasts stunning alpine lakes, too. Imagine crystal-clear waters reflecting the sky, like a beautiful mirror. One of the most famous is Issyk-Kul Lake, known for its deep emerald color and captivating charm.

Prepare to Be Utterly Captivated by Kyrgyzstan’s Breathtaking Natural Beauty

As you explore the country, you’ll find vast meadows covered in colorful wildflowers. These lush landscapes have been home to nomadic herders for centuries. You’ll get a chance to experience their traditional way of life by staying in their yurts, where warm hospitality awaits.

Beyond the mountains and lakes, there are hidden valleys and impressive canyons waiting to be discovered. Trekking through these remote areas, you’ll feel a sense of peacefulness and wonder, as if you’ve stepped into a world untouched by modern life.

Kyrgyzstan’s natural beauty is a true wonder of our planet. It’s a place where nature reigns supreme, captivating anyone who visits with its sheer magnificence. So, if you’re wondering whether Kyrgyzstan is worth a visit, the answer is a definite yes. This Asian gem promises an unforgettable journey amidst some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever see.

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2) Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures

Imagine the thrill of galloping across vast plains on horseback, or navigating unexplored mountain peaks that offer exhilarating challenges and unparalleled panoramic views. As you delve into the heart of Kyrgyzstan, such off-the-beaten-path adventures await you.

Trekking in this central Asian gem is an experience like no other. You’ll find yourself winding through trails that open up to pristine lakes, stunning waterfalls, and a chance to spot endangered species. Or take your adventure up a notch by climbing unexplored peaks within the Tian Shan Mountain Range. And after all this action, cool off by taking a refreshing dip in one of Kyrgyzstan’s many alpine lakes or unwind in hot springs nestled within Altyn Arashan. As You Venture to Kyrgyzstan, a World of Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures Awaits You

Are you a fan of mountain biking? Perfect, because Kyrgyzstan’s rough trails lead to high plateaus with breathtaking panoramas of lakes and waterfalls – an adrenaline rush coupled with nature’s beauty at its finest! And when winter comes, hit the slopes at Karakol Ski Base for some thrilling alpine skiing.

And if this isn’t adventurous enough for you, kayak down rivers or across tranquil lakes, from serene paddling experiences to challenging whitewater rapids, there’s always something exciting around every bend in Kyrgyzstan! So saddle up or strap on those hiking boots; unforgettable off-the-beaten-path adventures are waiting just for you here.

3) The Nomadic Culture and Warm Hospitality

Stepping into the heartland of the nomadic culture, you’re embraced by warm hospitality and an age-old way of life that’s both fascinating and humbling. In Kyrgyzstan, a country rich in nomadic heritage, you can experience firsthand the authentic traditions still kept alive today. You’ll find yurts dotting mountain pastures, where nomads continue to graze their livestock just as their ancestors did.

Immerse yourself in this unique lifestyle by staying at a yurt camp in Son Kul or Tash Rabat. Here, comfort meets simplicity in traditional dwellings that offer you more than just a place to sleep. It’s your chance to live as the nomads do, even if only for a night.Embraced Kyrgyzstan's by Warm Nomadic Hospitality and an Age-Old Way of Life

Be sure not to miss out on the craftsmanship that goes into making these homes. In Kyzyl-Tuu village, skilled yurt masters demonstrate how they construct these portable houses from scratch – an incredible sight indeed! Equally captivating are the felt shows held by Kyrgyz women in Kochkor, who artfully create felt carpets integral to every yurt’s interior.

Witnessing hunting practices is another remarkable insight into this ancient culture. The bond between eagle hunters and their birds of prey is something special to behold. And let’s not forget about horseback riding – revered as “the wings” of Kyrgyz people.

Amidst breathtaking landscapes like Tien Shan Mountains and open pastures, you’ll truly connect with nature while understanding why horses play such an important role here.

4) Kyrgyzstan’s Silk Road Heritage

It’s impossible to ignore the rich Silk Road heritage that permeates this fascinating country. Kyrgyzstan is home to part of the Changan Tianshan Corridor, a stretch of the Silk Road that spanned from China to Kazakhstan. This incredible journey not only spread culture and economics but also served as an important transition point for Buddhism and Chinese imperial governance. As you traverse through the breathtaking landscapes adorned with massive Buddhist sculptures, you are walking in the footsteps of ancient travelers.

At your first stop at Suyab, or Ak-Beshim, be ready to uncover ruins of Chinese fortresses and Zoroastrian burial spaces. You’ll find yourself being transported back in time within these remnants of a once-bustling city along the Silk Road. Next up, Balasagun (now called Burana) was once a thriving urban center filled with peculiar stone graves known as Balbals. Don’t miss out on Nevaket (Krasnaya Rechka), where you’ll witness evidence of coexistence among different cultures and faiths.The Rich Silk Road Heritage Permeates Throughout This Fascinating Country, Impossible to Ignore

As you make your way through these cities nestled in the picturesque Chuy Valley, every turn unfolds a new tale from history – tales sculpted by traders, monks, and warriors who traversed these paths centuries ago! Take advantage of guided tours or seek local insights to enhance your experience.

There’s no denying it: Kyrgyzstan’s Silk Road heritage paints a vibrant picture of its historical significance – one that whispers tales from long ago into your ears while showing off spectacular landscapes before your eyes. This hidden gem is undoubtedly worth exploring!

5) Colorful Festivals and Unique Traditions

Dive into a world of vibrant customs and captivating celebrations, as you explore the rich tapestry of cultural festivals that bring life to the heart of Eurasia. From the joyous New Year Festival to the warm embrace of Navroz Spring Festival, Kyrgyzstan’s traditions unfold in a stunning array of color and joy, allowing you to step into a realm where ancient customs thrive amidst modern celebrations.

Experience spiritual reverence during Orthodox Easter, marking Christ’s resurrection with solemn services and traditional feasts. Or find yourself immersed in Kyrgyzstan’s equestrian culture at the National Horse Festival, witnessing breathtaking displays of horsemanship that speak volumes about their deep-rooted love for these noble creatures.Immerse Yourself in a World of Lively Customs and Enchanting Celebrations in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s connection with nature is further celebrated at the Birds of Prey Festival. Here, witness trained falcons swoop with unerring precision in an awe-inspiring display of falconry while learning about various bird species and conservation efforts.

Every festival here tells a story – from Independence Day reflecting national pride and liberation history to Bishkek International Film Festival promoting cultural exchange through cinema. And then there are Nomad Games – an unparalleled spectacle showcasing nomadic heritage through traditional sports competitions.

6) Plenty of Sustainable Ecotourism Options

Kyrgyzstan is a hidden gem for adventure seekers. Whether it’s hiking in the majestic mountains or staying in a traditional yurt camp, every activity is designed with sustainability at heart. Thanks to projects like UNDP’s Aid for Trade, which provides aid and training for local tourism businesses since 2018, you can enjoy these experiences while contributing to local economies.

Take Aizada and Ruslan Zholdoshbekov’s yurt camp in Jany-Aryk village as an example. After receiving training on tourism management and digital marketing from the project, they expanded their offerings – including equestrian equipment – resulting in a twelvefold increase in visitors! So when you saddle up for a horseback ride here, remember: your adventure aids local development and empowers women entrepreneurs like Aizada.Thanks to Several Projects, You Can Enjoy Adventure Experiences While Contributing to Local Economies

Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore Issyk-Kul Lake? Forget traditional beach holidays; this lake is fast becoming an adventure hub thanks to locals like Danyar and Ermek Shabykeev. By supporting their businesses through Aid for Trade project grants, they’ve been able to offer diverse experiences from hiking tours to culinary adventures around the lake region.

So yes, visiting Kyrgyzstan means embracing sustainable ecotourism that supports local communities while satisfying your wanderlust. It’s about being part of something bigger than just tourism – it’s about contributing positively to people’s lives while enjoying unspoiled beauty at its finest.

7) Kyrgyzstan’s Warm Summer Climate

Don’t let the chilly reputation fool you; summers in this mountainous country can get surprisingly warm, offering a comfortable climate to explore its stunning landscapes. While the high-altitude terrains remain refreshingly cool, even during the peak of summer, cities like Bishkek and Osh can experience temperatures over 30°C (86°F). This makes it an ideal time for soaking up some Sun on a picnic or basking in the warmth by Issyk-Kul Lake.

The diversity of Kyrgyzstan’s climate offers something for everyone. In Bishkek, prepare to enjoy balmy days filled with sunshine while exploring bustling markets and historical landmarks. Meanwhile, summer nights are milder compared to daytime highs, providing respite from daytime heat while allowing you to explore local nightlife or simply appreciate starry skies undisturbed by city lights.The Diversity of Kyrgyzstan’s Climate Offers Something for Everyone

Visiting Issyk-Kul during the hot summer months is also a delightful experience as the average high-temperature hovers around 19°C. It’s perfect weather for swimming in the lake or hiking nearby mountains during the day and cozying up near a bonfire at night under cold clear skies.

However, remember that mountain weather can be unpredictable and sudden drops in temperature are not uncommon, especially at night. So always pack some warm clothing along with your shorts and flip-flops!

Even though Kyrgyzstan’s winter landscape is enchanting in its own right with snowy peaks and ski resorts galore, nothing compares to its sunny side. The warm summer climate not only exposes you to vibrant green pastures but also allows access to places unreachable due to thick snowfall during other times of year – making it absolutely worth your visit!

8) Unforgettable Photography Moments

For photography enthusiasts, Kyrgyzstan is a dream come true, offering an abundance of picturesque moments that will leave you in awe. From the moment you set foot in this captivating country, your camera lens will be treated to an extraordinary canvas of natural wonders.

The majestic mountains of Kyrgyzstan, like the iconic Tien Shan and Pamir ranges, provide stunning backdrops for your snapshots. Whether it’s the soft morning light illuminating the peaks or the golden hues of sunset casting a magical glow, each moment is a photographer’s delight.

Don’t forget to capture the reflections in the crystal-clear alpine lakes, like the breathtaking Issyk-Kul, where the surrounding mountains mirror their splendor on the water’s surface. Every snap will become a masterpiece of nature’s artistry.
Kyrgyzstan Is Worth Visiting Due to Incredible Landscapes and Endless Photography Spots

And if you decide to explore the vast meadows of Kyrgyzstan, be ready to freeze these natural wonders in time. The charming scenes of nomadic herders tending their livestock amidst this scenic beauty present candid opportunities for compelling portraits and storytelling shots.

Venture into the hidden valleys and dramatic canyons, where unique rock formations and untouched landscapes await. These lesser-known spots provide you with a chance to capture the raw beauty of untouched nature.

And last but not least, Kyrgyzstan’s vibrant festivals add another dimension to your photography journey. The colorful cultural celebrations, like the Nomad Games, are a kaleidoscope of captivating moments, from traditional sports to exuberant performances.

9) The Delicious Kyrgyz Cuisine

Another reason to visit Kyrgyzstan is the hearty flavors of the Kyrgyz cuisine, where every dish paints a vivid picture of the country’s rich history and cultural diversity. One iconic dish in Kyrgyzstan is Beshbarmak, which is traditionally made with horse or sheep meat and served atop a bed of pasta doused in savory meat broth. If you’re exploring Karakol, this is a must-try treat that you can enjoy using either utensils or just your hands – just like locals do!

Another must-try dish (my absolute favorite!) is Plov, a staple throughout Central Asia. This simple yet flavorful dish combines meat, carrots, and rice for an easy go-to meal that both locals and tourists swear by. For something lighter but equally delightful, grab some Samsa – flaky pastries filled with mutton, onions, and potatoes from street stalls.The Delicious Kyrgyz Cuisine Is One of The Best Reasons Why Kyrgyzstan Is Worth Visiting

Kyrgyzstan’s cuisine also boasts a wide array of dairy products, thanks to its rich nomadic heritage. “Kymyz,” a fermented mare’s milk, is a traditional drink with a slightly tangy taste that’s believed to have health benefits. It’s an acquired taste worth experiencing.

As you venture through bustling bazaars and quaint cafes, keep an eye out for “manti,” dumplings filled with meat and vegetables, typically served with sour cream or a tangy tomato sauce. These little parcels of delight are true comfort food.

And last but not least, no meal is complete without a sip of “shoro,” a refreshing beverage made from barley flour and served cold, perfect for quenching your thirst on warm summer days!

10) Affordable Travel Opportunities

In Kyrgyzstan, the affordability of travel experiences is exceptional. You could be spending as little as 1000 Som or US$15 per day and still fully immerse yourself in this culturally rich and geologically diverse country. From the bustling bazaars of Bishkek to the serene landscapes of Lake Issyk-Kul, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how far your money can take you.

Picture yourself exploring ancient Silk Road cities, engaging with local communities in yurt stays, or savoring sumptuous Kyrgyz cuisine—all without breaking the bank. Comfortable accommodations are very affordable; even taxis and guided tours won’t put a dent in your wallet. This gives you more freedom to spend on experiences that truly matter rather than worrying about expenses.Traveling on a Budget Isn’t a Problem In Kyrgyzstan

If you’re planning for a quick holiday with a higher budget, rest assured that luxury doesn’t come with an exorbitant price tag here either. Imagine living very well for just $50 a day! That includes frequenting tourist restaurants, taking part in immersive cultural tours, or simply enjoying the breathtaking views from upscale resorts.

The value for money that Kyrgyzstan offers is remarkable, it’s not just about affordable travel but also creating memorable experiences without financial stress. Just another reason why Kyrgyzstan is absolutely worth visiting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary language spoken in Kyrgyzstan?

You’ll find that Kyrgyz and Russian are the main languages spoken in Kyrgyzstan. With Kyrgyz as the state language, don’t worry, most locals also speak Russian fluently, making communication quite easy for visitors.

What kind of currency is used in Kyrgyzstan and where can it be exchanged?

The currency used in Kyrgyzstan is the Kyrgyzstani Som. You can exchange it at banks, hotels, or authorized exchange offices. It’s wise to carry some cash, as not all places accept cards yet.

Are there any health precautions or vaccinations needed before traveling to Kyrgyzstan?

Yes, it’s recommended to get vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and routine immunizations before your trip. You should also consider anti-malaria medication if you’ll be in certain regions. Always consult with your doctor first.

What are the entry requirements or visa rules for foreign travelers visiting Kyrgyzstan?

You’ll be pleased to know most travelers can enter Kyrgyzstan visa-free for 60 days. However, it’s always wise to confirm the specific requirements for your nationality through your home country’s foreign affairs department.

How is the digital infrastructure in Kyrgyzstan, particularly internet connectivity and mobile network coverage?

Kyrgyzstan’s digital infrastructure is developing, with decent internet connectivity in cities. Mobile network coverage is good, particularly on major networks. You’ll find Wi-Fi in most hotels and cafes. Stay connected while exploring this hidden gem.


So, you’re searching for an offbeat adventure? Kyrgyzstan’s the spot! You’ll be swept away by its natural beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality. From Silk Road heritage sites to unique festivals, every moment is a photo op. Plus, it’s affordable!

So why wait? Pack your bags and discover this hidden gem of Central Asia – Kyrgyzstan truly is worth the visit! And as you plan your trip to Kyrgyzstan, I kindly ask you to use the search widgets or click on the ad banners on this website to book your accommodation, flight, car rental, and more.

Every completed booking earns the organization a commission, with 50% being dedicated to charity events like the 2021 Christmas gift drive for kids and teens in a children’s home in Montenegro.

By doing so, not only will you have an unforgettable vacation, but you’ll also be making a meaningful contribution to an amazing cause!

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