The Macaronesian Islands

Macaronesia consists of four archipelagos: the Canary Islands, the Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde!

North Tenerife - Part 2: The Volcanic Kingdom

In Part 2 of the mini blog series about North Tenerife, Giving Getaway Travel Expert Ania tells the story of visiting the island in summer 2020. After talking about the Teide National Park in Part 1, she continues by describing the evergreen forests in the Anaga Rural Park, the charm of post-colonial towns like Orotava and Los Silos and the unique and diverse vegetation of “the island of eternal spring”. Learn more about the former inhabitans of Tenerife, the Guanches, and find out why Ania calls them the beautiful, tall and blue-eyed demigods of the island.

North Tenerife - Part 1: Mount Teide

In summer 2020, Giving Getaway Travel Expert Ania visited Tenerife, the largest of the eight Canary Islands. In Part 1 of the mini blog post series about Tenerife, she shares her experiences of visiting the Teide National Park in the heart of the island and explains, why Mount Teide is the ruler and king of Tenerife. Learn more about the history of the volcanic island which is not far from the African coast, find out why the COVID-19 pandemic was the reason for Ania’s trip to Tenerife and read plenty of useful tips how to visit Mount Teide, the King of the Canary Islands!

Discover the Azores

In this guest blog post, travel agent Sue shares her experiences of visiting the fascinating and mostly unkown islands of the Azores, in her opinion the best kept secret of the Atlantic! Learn more about the history of the Azores and find out how this place is connected with Boston in the USA. Sue also shares detailed information about all nine Azorean islands with its most interesting places and the best things to do. And if you would like to read more about Sue’s travel stories, make sure to follow her on Social Media and check out her blog!