presented by Noluande

“Maputo is where people from all over the country converge as it is the capital of Mozambique and many immigrate here for better living conditions. It is a multicultural city, this diversity of cultures spreads both in gastronomy and in everyday life, without forgetting the beautiful beaches. It has a very close-knit people despite the problems they always face smiling.
The first thing that stands out when arriving in Maputo are the countless traders and markets, most of the traders are foreigners (Indians, Nigerians and Chinese) who deal with their customers with great affection. And without forgetting the long buildings that take over the city, where most of the population of Maputo live. But there are also peripheral neighborhoods. The most interesting thing in Maputo is to be able to get to know a little bit of African Culture, Black Culture and leave the comfort zone and discover that Africa is not a jungle.”

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