presented by Ania

“A city built by four cultures: Polish, Jewish, German and Russian, the 19th century promised land, the city of cotton. Forgotten and abandoned over the years, for several years it has been dynamically developing as the most hipster Polish city.
The old factories gained a new life, full of exhibitions, interesting spaces, restaurants and pubs. Łódź is a city of murals, street art and interesting festivals. If you are bored with the cities that boast colorful houses around the central square or the castle hill, I invite you to my Łódź, a city other than any you have seen so far.”


presented by Ania

“Gdańsk – a city that is over 1000 years old. In the 16th century it was the richest city in Poland. It is also considered a symbolic place of the outbreak of World War II and the beginning of the fall of communism in Central Europe.
An amazing city where history mixes with modernity. Together with Port Gdynia and the climatic seaside resort of Sopot, where already in the 16th century, wealthy Gdańsk residents built their summer villas, creates an unforgettable place on the map of Poland.”


presented by Ania

“Wrocław is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Poland, and for me it is probably the most favorite Polish city. You can come to it for the weekend again and again and you will never be bored. The enormity of attractions, monuments, atmospheric restaurants means that you always discover something new.
The history of the oldest part of the city dates back to the 10th century. The river Odra and the moat that flow around the old parts of the city add charm. And most importantly, Wrocław is a city of dwarfs. Hundreds of figurines of these little men hid all over the city, and by visiting the city you can search for them (there are even special applications that help in this).”

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