25 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe Worth Visiting In 2023

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It’s no surprise that many of us are trying to find ways to save money while still being able to enjoy as many memorable trips as possible. That’s exactly why I’ve compiled this list of the 25 cheapest travel destinations in Europe.

We’ll take a look at some hidden gems and lesser-known spots that won’t break your budget but will provide an unforgettable experience. From Mediterranean hotspots like Portugal and Greece to more off-the-beaten-track locations like Albania or North Macedonia, this guide has something for everyone.

Keep reading to learn about all the amazing possibilities that Europe has to offer!

1) Krakow, Poland

Krakow is an increasingly popular travel destination for budget-minded travelers in Europe. The city offers a wealth of attractions and activities to keep visitors entertained day and night.

Krakow’s rich history is evident everywhere you look, with stunning architecture such as its medieval Main Market Square, the world-famous Wawel Castle, and numerous churches that are all open to the public.Krakow’s Rich History Is Evident Everywhere You Look

Whether it’s exploring ancient monuments or strolling along quaint cobblestone streets lined with shops and cafes, there’s something here for everyone. And when the sun goes down, Krakow comes alive with bustling bars, clubs, and music venues offering everything from traditional Polish folk dancing to cutting-edge electronic music.

If you are a foodie you will love the diverse range of restaurants serving up local specialties like pierogis, and all that at very affordable prices! With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why more people than ever are flocking to Krakow. And if you are considering going to Krakow sometime soon, make sure to check out my blog post “What to Do in Krakow in 3 Days“.

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2) Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is another one of the top 25 cheapest travel destinations in Europe for 2023. With its iconic architecture, delicious cuisine, and enthralling art galleries, Budapest is sure to be a memorable experience.

The city boasts numerous cultural sites such as Heroes’ Square, the Parliament Building, and the Hungarian National Museum which is a perfect spot to get some insight into Hungarian history.Budapest Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

There are also many outdoor activities like river cruises, bike tours, and hikes around Margaret Island. For those looking for even more adventure, there’s plenty of opportunity to explore the nearby countryside, such as visiting the Pálvölgyi Caves near Budapest, which is one of my personal 12 best adventure activities In Europe.

After dark you’ll find no shortage of clubs and bars to dance away your evenings – whether at rustic pubs with live music or lounges where you can sip on some local craft beers. And you definitely won’t want to miss out on sampling some traditional Hungarian dishes either; from hearty goulash soup to savory pancakes called lángos – they’re not hard to come by!

3) Lisbon, Portugal

While you will find most of the cheapest travel destinations in (south-)eastern Europe, Lisbon in Portugal is one of the few exceptions. This coastal city is full of exploration opportunities and a stunning destination that offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern energy.

Lisbon is known for its colorful architecture, lively street art, and charming neighborhoods, such as the historic Alfama district with its winding streets and quaint cafes.Lisbon Is Known for Its Colorful Architecture, Lively Street Art, and Charming Neighborhoods

For budget-conscious travelers, Lisbon offers a range of affordable accommodation options, including hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels. Prices start at around €15 per night, making it an excellent choice for backpackers and solo travelers.

Eating Out in Lisbon doesn’t have to break the bank either; there are plenty of local eateries offering tasty traditional dishes that won’t put too much strain on your wallet. Exploring Lisbon will surely be an unforgettable experience filled with culture, history, and gastronomy at reasonable prices!

4) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular and cheapest travel destinations in Europe. With an abundance of cultural and historical attractions, Prague is a great destination for travelers looking for a budget-friendly vacation.

Explore the winding streets of the city’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and take in the beautiful architecture. Visit Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world, and stroll through the cobbled lanes of the Jewish Quarter.Prague Is One of the Most Popular and Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe

Also, don’t forget to admire the iconic Charles Bridge, a popular spot for visitors, and the Astronomical Clock, one of the oldest functioning clocks in the world.

The city also offers a variety of activities to suit all interests. Visit the bustling markets, take in a show at one of the many theatres, or take a boat ride along the Vltava River, and all that at very affordable prices! And speaking about affordable prices, if you are planing a trip to Prague and wonder where to eat without spending too much money, feel free check out my post “The 12 Best And Cheap Places To Eat In Prague”

5) Riga, Latvia

If you’re looking for a European destination that is both affordable and full of exciting attractions, Riga in Latvia should be on your list! The city has plenty to offer budget-minded travelers who are interested in exploring Riga.

Accommodations in Riga can be surprisingly cheap when compared to other major cities in Europe. You can find great deals on hotels centrally located near all the main attractions without breaking the bank.Riga Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

Riga also boasts an array of interesting sights and activities perfect for any traveler. You can explore the city’s beautiful old town, which is home to an impressive collection of historic buildings, including the iconic Riga Cathedral and the charming House of the Blackheads.

Or simply take a stroll through one of its many parks or along the picturesque streets of the Art Nouveau district, which features some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe.

No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, Riga is sure to deliver with its wide variety of offerings at wallet-friendly prices!

6) Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, the capital city and one of the best places to visit in Romania, is an emerging destination in Eastern Europe, fortunately, a very affordable one. It is home to numerous historical sites such as the Parliament Palace, one of the largest public buildings in the world, as well as several churches like the Stavropoleos Monastery Church which date back centuries.

There are also plenty of parks and gardens to explore if you want a break from sightseeing, and foodies won’t be disappointed either.Bucharest Is an Emerging Destination in Eastern Europe

Romanian cuisine offers many delicious dishes such as sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), mamaliga (cornmeal porridge), and mititei (grilled minced meat sausages), delicious and usually very cheap!

Plus, in Bucharest, you will find plenty of bars and clubs where you can sample traditional drinks like țuică (a distilled spirit made from plums) or enjoy live music until late into the evening. For those looking for an affordable travel destination in 2023, Bucharest is worth considering!

7) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an ideal vacation destination for budget travelers. It’s a city full of culture and history, with plenty to see and do without spending too much money.

Sarajevo’s culture is reflected in its architecture, which ranges from Ottoman-influenced mosques to 19th-century Austro-Hungarian buildings. Walk through the picturesque streets and alleyways of the city’s historic old town, known as Baščaršija, and browse through the unique products and souvenirs the many traditional shops have to offer.Sarajevo Is an Ideal Vacation Destination for Budget Travelers

Bosnia and Herzegovina and especially Sarajevo are also known for having many opportunities for exploring its food scene; you can find traditional Bosnian dishes such as ćevapi or burek, along with international restaurants serving diverse cuisines.

Additionally, several museums and galleries offer a glimpse into the city’s past. For those looking to save on accommodation costs, Sarajevo has some great hostels and guesthouses available at reasonable prices.

All in all, Sarajevo makes for an unforgettable experience—one that won’t break your wallet! And if you would like to learn more about Sarajevo, I invite you to read Ania’s guest blog post “Why You Should Visit Sarajevo”.

8) Belgrade, Serbia

The capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, is known for its rich history, which dates back to the 4th century BC. From the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire and then to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city has experienced a lot of influence from different cultures.

That’s why it has unique architecture and some of the oldest buildings in Europe, one of which is the Kalemegdan Fortress, which is the most visited landmark in Belgrade. It was originally built by the Romans during their occupancy of the region, and later expanded upon by the Ottomans when they took control.Belgrade Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

Another popular attraction is St. Sava Temple, a monumental Orthodox church located in Vračar. It is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox churches in the world and features intricate religious artwork throughout its interior.

When it comes to entertainment, Belgrade boasts some of the best clubs in all of Europe. Whether you’re looking for a chill atmosphere or an energetic party crowd, there are plenty of places to choose from, and none of them require you to spend a fortune!

9) Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn in Estonia is an up-and-coming destination for travelers looking to explore Europe on a budget. Located in the Baltic region, this city has a rich history dating back to the 13th century when it was established as the capital of what was then known as Revala County.

Today, Tallinn is known for its stunning architecture and vibrant culture that draws visitors from around the world. The city boasts some of the best-preserved medieval buildings in Northern Europe, like the impressive Town Hall and the iconic St. Olaf’s Church which can be enjoyed by strolling along its cobbled avenues.Tallinn in Estonia Is an Up-And-Coming Destination for Travelers

In addition, Tallinn and its surroundings offer plenty of outdoor activities, for example in Lahemaa National Park which offers wonderful hiking trails as well as ample wildlife viewing opportunities.

What is truly unique about Tallinn is the fact that it has earned itself the nickname ‘the Silicon Valley of Europe’ due to its lively tech scene that provides you with chances to observe some remarkable breakthroughs in technology at events such as conferences or exhibitions.

And one of the best things is: you can experience and enjoy everything that Tallinn has to offer without worrying about breaking your wallet!

10) Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and a real gem in the Balkan region that presents a wealth of opportunities and activities for budget travelers. The city is known for its remarkable architecture, rich cultural legacy, and lively nightlife.

Exploring Sofia’s historic center is one of the top things to do – here you can admire stunning monuments like Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or the St. George Church as well as a stroll down Vitosha Boulevard where you’ll find great cafes, shops, and eateries on offer.Sofia Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

Those interested in history and culture should also visit some of Sofia’s renowned museums such as the National Museum of History or National Art Gallery; while nature enthusiasts can escape to nearby Vitosha mountain where they will be able to revel in gorgeous hiking trails with spectacular views.

And after dark there are plenty of bars and clubs available whatever your taste may be – since prices are so affordable you won’t have to worry too much about your wallet either!

11) Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania boasts a rich history dating back to the 14th century when it was founded by Grand Duke Gediminas. Since then, Vilnius has evolved into an exciting and cultural hub in Eastern Europe with many unique attractions worth exploring.

No trip to Vilnius would be complete without visiting some iconic landmarks including its Gothic Old Town or Parliament Building. You can also take strolls through winding alleyways admiring stunning architecture or learn about Lithuania’s history at its National Museum.Vilnius Boasts a Rich History Dating Back to the 14th Century

The city also provides plenty of attractions at pocket-friendly prices; historical sites such as Gediminas Hill and Cathedral Square can be explored while kayaking down the Neris River offers outdoor adventurers a unique experience. The nearby Trakai Castle should also not be missed – it is the only medieval castle in all Baltic regions!

With so much charm on offer at such low costs, it’s no surprise that Vilnius will undoubtedly rank amongst Europe’s cheapest 25 travel destinations come 2023!

12) Bratislava, Slovakia

When looking for one of the best and cheapest travel destinations in Europe, Bratislava should be at the top of your list! Located on the banks of the Danube River, the Slovakian capital is a vibrant city full of cultural attractions, historical sites, and stunning natural beauty.

If it’s history that interests you, then take a trip to Michael’s Gate, one of the oldest surviving city gates in Central Europe. This iconic landmark dates back to the 13th century and stands as a symbol of the nation’s resilience through times of war and peace. Other historic must-sees include Bratislava Castle, Old Town Hall, Primatial Palace, and St Martin’s Cathedral.Bratislava Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

Bratislava also has plenty of modern attractions, such as the UFO Observation Deck atop the bridge over the riverbank. From here, you can get an amazing view of the city skyline. For something more interactive, head to the Museum of Transport, where you can explore a wide range of vehicles from trams to jets.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, Bratislava offers something for everyone. Plus, with its reasonable prices, you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy all the city has to offer.

13) Skopje, North Macedonia

Skopje in North Macedonia is a fascinating and cheap destination that combines Ottoman, Byzantine and European influences. The city is known for its eclectic mix of architecture, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the Balkans.

A great activity to do in Skopje is exploring its ancient bazaar which is one of the biggest in the Balkans. Here you can wander through cobblestone streets lined with shops selling traditional crafts as well as local delicacies like burek and baklava – at very affordable prices!Skopje in North Macedonia Is a Fascinating and Cheap Travel Destination

You’ll also find numerous historic landmarks such as the Stone Bridge spanning across the Vardar River or the 6th century’s Skopje Fortress both worth seeing for their majestic beauty. And make sure you take a cable car up to Millennium Cross where breathtaking views of mountains surrounding the city await!                               

For those who seek cultural enrichment there’s no shortage either: visit contemporary art galleries or the National Museum of Macedonia while nature lovers will surely enjoy hiking trails at Matka Canyon surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

If you’re still hesitating, read my blog posts about 10 reasons why Skopje is worth visiting in 2023. After that, I’m sure you will realize that this city belongs on your bucket list!

14) Split, Croatia

Split is a stunningly beautiful city located on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. With its breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and affordable prices, it’s no surprise Split is one of the top 25 cheapest travel destinations in Europe for 2023.

The city of Split has been around since Roman times, so there are plenty of historical sites to explore such as Diocletian’s Palace, which was built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD. Other historic sites include St Duje Cathedral, Bell Tower, Archaeological Museum, and many more.Split Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

Not only is Split steeped in history, but it also boasts some spectacular natural beauty. The Marjan Hill offers great views of the Adriatic Sea, while the nearby islands of Brac, Hvar, and Vis provide an opportunity to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. There are also plenty of beaches along the coast that offer a great way to relax after sightseeing.

For those looking to experience some of the local cultures, Split offers a variety of festivals throughout the year. From music festivals, such as Ultra Europe, to art events like the Days of Croatian Contemporary Art, there is something for everyone. In short, Split is a fantastic destination for all budgets!

15) Tirana, Albania

Tirana, the capital city of Albania, is a dynamic destination that offers a unique blend of Ottoman, Italian, and Communist-era architecture, as well as a thriving art scene and delicious cuisine. The city is rapidly transforming itself into a modern European capital, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the Balkans.

Albania’s capital is home to a range of historic buildings and monuments, including the iconic Skanderbeg Square, which is surrounded by some of the city’s most impressive landmarks, such as the National Museum of History and the Et’hem Bey Mosque.Tirana Is Rapidly Transforming Itself Into a Modern European Capital

Tirana is also a city with a rich history and culture, having been at the crossroads of various empires throughout the centuries. Here you can learn more about Tirana’s history and culture by visiting the National Art Gallery or the Bunk’Art Museum, which showcases the city’s Communist-era past.

One of the best things to do in Tirana though is taking a cable car up to the Dajti Mountain National Park, which offers breathtaking views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Tirana is truly a unique city, and if you still need to be convinced, read Ania’s guest blog post “Tirana – Between Bunkers and Pyramids” to learn what exactly it is that makes this city so special.

16) Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is an incredible blend of past and present, offering a unique experience to everyone who visits the Polish capital. Despite being heavily damaged during World War II, the city has managed to rise from the ashes and become a hub of activity filled with captivating museums, galleries, and monuments.

Exploring Warsaw’s fascinating history is one of the best things you can do in this remarkable city; The Warsaw Uprising Museum vividly recounts 1944’s heroic struggle against Nazi occupation while Old Town offers a glimpse into what life was like before war ravaged it.Warsaw Is an Incredible Blend of Past and Present

Art enthusiasts must visit the National Museum and the Museum of Modern Art – they’re overflowing with contemporary art pieces as well as traditional works that represent Poland’s proud heritage.

And when hunger strikes there are plenty of local delicacies to tantalize your taste buds such as pierogi (dumplings), bigos (hunter’s stew), or zurek (sour rye soup). Fortunately, not only the food but also accommodation and transportation in Warsaw are very affordable, making it one of the best and cheapest travel destinations in Europe!

17) Valencia, Spain

Valencia is probably not the first city that comes to mind when thinking about the cheapest travel destinations in Europe. But surprisingly, compared to other tourism hubs in Spain like Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla, Valencia is one of the most budget-friendly cities to visit in Spain and Southern Europe.

The City of Arts and Sciences has it all; from its picture-perfect beaches and captivating architecture to the immense cultural offerings, this coastal city has something for everyone. Take a stroll through the cobbled streets of the Old Town or explore Turia Gardens – this extensive green space spans over 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) and offers many trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas for visitors.Valencia Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

For those looking for some beach fun, head out to Cullera or Sagunto where there are plenty of activities on offer such as swimming or watersports. For adventure seekers who want more than just sunbathing opportunities, why not take a boat trip around Ibiza?

Valencia caters to all kinds with its stunning views, exciting attractions, and vibrant atmosphere ensuring your European escape will be truly unforgettable!

18) Porto, Portugal

Porto, situated in the northern part of Portugal, is a picturesque city that offers an enchanting mix of culture, history, and natural beauty. The city is renowned for its unique ambiance, majestic architecture, and delectable cuisine.

Exploring the historic downtown area – a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site – should be at the top of your list when visiting Porto. Stroll through its labyrinthine streets and narrow alleys while admiring colorful dwellings and classic landmarks such as Palacio da Bolsa or Torre dos Clerigos.Porto Is a Picturesque City That Offers an Enchanting Mix of Culture, History and Natural Beauty

When it comes to local delicacies nothing beats traditional Portuguese dishes like grilled sardines or octopus rice. Moreover, one cannot miss out on sampling some delicious port wine produced in nearby Douro Valley after taking a tour around one of many cellars specializing in this iconic drink found throughout Porto’s old quarters.                            

As if all these experiences weren’t enough Porto also provides breathtaking scenery along the Douro River running through the center of town plus beaches like Matosinhos and Foz do Douro are ideal spots to take time out away from the hustle and bustle and soak up some sunrays!

19) Brasov, Romania

With its unique charm, picturesque medieval architecture, and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder why Brasov has become such an attractive destination for travelers in recent years.

Brasov is home to some of the best sights in Romania, including its famous Black Church. Built in the 14th century by German settlers, this imposing building features awe-inspiring Gothic architecture and breathtaking stained-glass windows.

For those interested in exploring further back into history, there’s Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s castle. Located just outside the city, this spooky fortress offers up an eerie atmosphere and plenty of creepy stories.Brasov Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

However, there’s more to Brasov than castles and churches. Nature lovers will find no shortage of stunning landscapes to explore around the city, from the rugged peaks of the Carpathian Mountains to the lush forests of Piatra Craiului National Park. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, and skiing.

No matter what your budget looks like, Brasov has something to offer every traveler. With its mix of historic sites, natural wonders, and affordable prices, it’s one of the best options for budget-savvy tourists in Europe. And if you are still wondering if you should put Brasov on your bucket list, feel free to check out my post Is Brasov Worth Visiting?” where I give 10 reasons to consider visiting this Romanian Gem.

20) Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the only Greek city on this list, but one that surely shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list if you are looking for a budget-friendly getaway in Greece. Located in the northern part of the country, Thessaloniki offers a unique experience of history, culture, and natural beauty.

The city is especially known for its picturesque waterfronts, remarkable architecture, and its moving history. That’s why exploring the city’s rich past should not be missed when visiting Thessaloniki. You can do so by visiting the city’s several museums and historical sites including the White Tower which was used as a prison during Ottoman rule or taking a look at artifacts from antiquity at the Archaeological Museum. Thessaloniki Offers a Unique Experience of History, Culture and Natural Beauty

Thessaloniki also boasts stunning natural beauty, with the Thermaic Gulf providing a beautiful backdrop to the city, and nearby destinations such as Mount Olympus and the Halkidiki peninsula offering opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities.

Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find it in Thessaloniki and its surroundings and enjoy a memorable trip without worrying too much about breaking your wallet!

21) Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor in Montenegro is one of the cheapest and most beautiful travel destinations in Europe. Located on the Adriatic coast, Kotor offers stunning views of the bay, as well as a variety of historical attractions to explore. From fortified towns to ancient churches, there’s something for everyone in this charming city.

The medieval town of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s full of winding streets lined with cafes, restaurants, shops, and galleries.Kotor Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

In the heart of the old city lies the majestic St. Tryphon Cathedral, which dates back to 1166. Other popular sites include the Church of Our Lady of Health, the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, and the Citadel Fortifications.

Kotor is an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy some relaxation and adventure. With its crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming and plenty of hiking trails close by, you can easily spend days exploring the area. That means that whether you’re after a relaxing holiday or an exciting adventure while not spending a fortune, Kotor is a must-visit for you!

22) Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv in central Bulgaria is another one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe, making it a great place to explore for budget travelers. From ancient ruins to modern-day cafes, this city offers something for everyone.

One of the top attractions in Plovdiv is the Ancient Theatre. Built in the 3rd century BC, it was once used by Thracians for their plays and concerts. Today, it still stands as a reminder of the city’s past, with regular performances being held here throughout the year.Plovdiv Is One of the Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe Worth Visiting In 2023

The Old Town of Plovdiv is also not to be missed. Home to some of the oldest buildings in the city, it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cobblestone streets are lined with colorful houses, quaint restaurants, and small boutiques that make it an ideal spot for a stroll.

If you’re looking for more adventure, why not take a day trip to Bachkovo Monastery? This 10th-century Bulgarian Orthodox monastery is nestled in the Rhodope Mountains and features impressive architecture and exquisite frescoes.

No matter what your budget or interests, Plovdiv has something for everyone. Whether you want to marvel at its historic sites or simply soak up the atmosphere, there’s no shortage of things to do!

23) Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and a must-stop destination for all those looking for an affordable yet exceptional European getaway. The city is especially known for its beautiful architecture and stunning natural surroundings.

Exploring Ljubljana’s Old Town is one of the best ways to experience this beautiful city. Here you can wander through its picturesque streets surrounded by striking buildings and historical monuments such as the Ljubljana Castle or cross over the famous Dragon Bridge. Ljubljana Is a Must-Stop Destination for Those Looking for an Affordable Trip

If you are interested in culture, you will also find much to love in Ljubljana including various museums which showcase Slovenian artwork alongside theatrical performances at the esteemed Opera House. Additionally, it takes pride in being environmentally aware – boasting car-free central areas as well as peaceful green spaces like Tivoli Park that offer respite from bustling city life.

And if all this wasn’t enough, just outside lies some of Slovenia’s most exquisite scenery including Lake Bled and the Julian Alps where you can take part in outdoor activities like hiking or skiing while admiring panoramic views!

24) Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is known for its iconic Ottoman-style architecture and stunning views of the Neretva River. It’s one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe, making it perfect for budget travelers who want to explore something new without breaking the bank.

When visiting Mostar, you must check out the city’s landmark, the Stari Most (the Old Bridge). This 16th-century bridge was destroyed during the war in 1993 but has since been rebuilt and is an amazing sight to see.Mostar Is Known for Its Iconic Ottoman-Style Architecture and Stunning Views

The Kriva Ćuprija, or Crooked Bridge, is another popular destination for tourists. This smaller stone bridge was built just before the Ottomans left the region and is located close to the Turkish House, which was once the home to the Ottoman governor. Both bridges are great spots to take photographs and admire the beauty of this charming city.

If you’re looking to experience local culture, make sure to visit Kujundžiluk – the old bazaar street where artisans still ply their trade today. You can also head to Buna River Spring to admire the natural beauty of the area while having a picnic with friends. With so much to do and see, Mostar is a great choice for a cheap European getaway!

25) Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj-Napoca is situated in the core of Transylvania in Romania and offers travelers plenty of cultural, historical, and natural attractions.

Exploring Cluj-Napoca’s old town should be at the top of any traveler’s list since it is full of beautiful buildings and historic landmarks. Here you can wander through its picturesque streets to admire the colorful architecture or visit popular sites such as Saint Michael’s Church or even the renowned Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden.Cluj-Napoca Is One of the Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe for 2023

Moreover, this city also has a thriving arts scene with numerous museums showcasing Romanian artworks plus galleries presenting works from local artists, not forgetting theaters that host performances by both national and international acts!

And of course, being located in the heart of Transylvania, no visit to Cluj-Napoca would be complete without visiting its stunning natural surroundings. With so much to do at affordable prices for accommodation, transportation, food, and more, this Romanian city shouldn’t miss on your bucket list!


Europe is a continent that offers an array of incredible and affordable destinations with a wide range of cultural, historic, and outdoor experiences. From the beautiful architecture of Budapest to the vibrant streets of Lisbon, from the beautiful Old Town in Tallinn to Ljubljana’s quaint charm – there is something for all types of travelers.

For those seeking out historical landmarks or wanting to immerse themselves in local culture or simply take in some breathtaking natural beauty without spending a fortune, these 25 cheapest travel destinations in Europe have it all!

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Prague, Bucharest and Mostar are at the top of my list here. The gorgeous old town of prague and the archiecture of them all just draw me right away and they are less crowded than italian or french cities. Great list

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