The Balkans

Kotor Bay – Pearl Of The Balkans

Three months in Montenegro passed, time flew by and during my stay in the small town of Risan in Kotor Bay, I saw many people coming – but never leaving. There is something about this place that made me feel calm and at peace from the very beginning I arrived, a feeling that is difficult to put into words, but that was felt and shared by every traveler I met in Montenegro. No wonder that

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A Touch Of The Caribbean In Crete

You do not have to spend a lot of money and fly far off to the Caribbean to see a piece of paradise on earth, just take a trip to Crete. There are two paradise lagoons on the Greek island, both tempt its visitors with white sand beaches, crystal clear and shallow water, shimmering in blue, turquoise, or dark sapphire depending on the time of day. Both lagoons are beautiful and indisputably a “must see”

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Tirana – Between Bunkers & Pyramids

I was wondering where and when to start my story about Albania; whether I should begin with describing picturesque coastlines or one of the charming towns with historic districts that are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Instead, I decided to start this story elsewhere, namely in Tirana. In my opinion, it is impossible to talk about this country without presenting its epicenter, the capital. Tirana is very often overlooked by tourists who visit

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An Adventure Across The Balkans

A few years ago, when I finished my master’s degree, I decided to take a one-year break from my studies to explore Eastern Europe. The plan was to stay for a month in Ukraine with friends, spend another month travelling, then go to Armenia for the rest of the year to volunteer with the European Voluntary Service. In-between I would also squeeze a visit to my family in southern Italy – since I was studying

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Slovenia – The Sunny Side Of The Alps

It was already dark when I reached the Slovenian border in mid-October and after explaining the border controls what a German guy coming from Vienna and Krakow, my previous stations, plans to do in their country and after assuring them that I was not infected with COVID-19, I was allowed to enter Slovenia. My first impressions: pitch-dark, winding, and super cold. All I could concentrate on were the next few meters of the switchback –

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Sarajevo – Red Roses in One Thousand and One Nights

I open the website of Polish Wikipedia and read: “Sarajevo – the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina inhabited by 395 thousand people (2013). Founded in 1462 by the Ottoman Turks. In 1914, the site of the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The 1984 Winter Olympics were held here. The city was heavily damaged as a result of the 1992-1995 war”. I open the English version of Wikipedia and the perception is a little different (at

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