The Founder

My name is Christian, I founded Giving Getaway in 2019 and here I would like to tell you more about me and my story|

For as long as I can remember, I always had a passion for something. Whether it was drawing as child, playing the guitar as a teenager, or traveling as an adult, there was always something I could have enjoyed hour after hour and day after day. But there was always that one question that hovered above it all:

Is there a passion that has the potential to become my main profession?
After years of trying to ignore this question, studying Business Economics and Technical Logistics in my home country Germany, I finally realized that a job in the economic environment was not the path that was meant for me. At the same time, traveling became a more and more important part of my life.
Exploring the unspoiled nature of Swedish Lapland in 2013 aroused my curiosity for traveling and making a 6-week long road trip through the USA and Canada in 2015 ultimately provided evidence of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: dedicating myself to explore as many corners of this beautiful planet as possible!
During my studies, I started to explore more and more German cities and nearby European countries whenever time permitted, and little by little I realized that I wanted to do more, that it was not just traveling itself that made me happy but also the process of planning trips. I planned my own trips, planned trips for friends and family – and the feedback was great! But until then it never occurred to me to consider planning trips for a living.
It was in summer 2018 when several simultaneous events made me change my mind: a nice weekend getaway in Hamburg, an unnerving test phase in college, depressing side jobs in production companies and ultimately reading the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferris, especially the part about a successful lawyer in California who left everything behind to organize adventure trips in Brazil. Just like him I started thinking about what I am good at and what I enjoy doing the most. One year later, Giving Getaway was born and two years later I finally took the leap, left everything behind to only focus on my new mission.
My humble vision is to build the world’s biggest travel data base, use this data base to create unique customized travel plans with the help of competent travel experts and to take parts of the profits, invest them in charity projects and make this world a better place. Considering the millions of people all around the world who have a passion for travel make me believe that it is possible to build a community of travelers that is willing to share their knowledge with others and to participate in making this project one of the most fascinating travel projects in the world.
Every input from followers and supporters, howsoever small, is important and means the world to me. Seeing this project and this community grow day by day is what makes me believe that it is possible to realize this vision within the next few years – and I invite every single one of you to follow my personal journey and to take part in the steady and tangible progress of Giving Getaway.

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