Three Days in Rome

I would like to start by introducing myself! My name is Andreea, I am 20 years old, and I always travel with my boyfriend, Xavier. Two years ago, we wanted to experience something new as we were used to visit just small cities. We live half of the year in Italy and the other half in Romania, but Italy has many more breathtaking cities and villages, which is why we decided to plan a trip there. Our decision was a city in the center of the country, a place in the popular region of Lacio. Can you guess what we picked?

Exactly, the wonderful city of Rome! An obvious decision. I strongly believe that everybody who has the opportunity should visit Rome at least once in their lives. Why? Because a giant part of the history of Europe either happened in Rome or has something to do with it, as it was one of the greatest empires for a long time.

It can be said that our trip to Rome was our first big trip, so in my opinion it is always a good idea to start traveling to a country’s capital or other big and significant cities, since it is easier to orientate yourself and to find something to do. If the place is very popular you won’t have trouble finding the most interesting spots as well as suitable restaurants and accommodation. Rome for example is packed with attractions and a large variety of restaurants and hotels in all price categories.

In our case, we did not have a lot of money, and so we were looking for budget solutions and found the perfect place called “Next Stop Roma Affittacamere”. From my point of view, it was exactly what we needed. We paid 100€ for 4 nights, a very good price, everything was clean, organized and the staff was kind and helpful. I am not sure how things are now because recently I heard many complaints about that place, but when we visited it back then we really had a nice experience there.

The location is not so close to the center though. We needed to take a bus to the metro station from where we could get to the city center and almost all other famous and interesting places and neighborhoods from Rome, such as Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Spagna, and the Vatican.

Day 1: Iconic Sites Of Ancient Rome

Our best day in Rome was the first one. Starting the day a bit later than usual, we left the appartment at 10 am without really knowing what to expect. We went to see the beautiful Fontana di Trevi and started with a little photo session. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that we visited Rome from 1st of March to 5th of the same month, so we avoided the tourist crowds of the high season and enjoyed our stay at the highest level possible.

Anyway, while we were taking photos, a nice woman approaches, saying that we were a very beautiful couple and letting us know that we had free access to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and many museums on the first Sunday of every month, just in case we plan to go there. Happy and thankful for this useful tip and the nice compliment, we decided to invite her to have a cup of coffee with us.

It was around noon when we reached the waiting queue of the Coliseum, and after 2 hours, of waiting, we entered, took some pictures, and went straight to the Roman Forum which was the central zone of the ancient city of Rome and the point where public meeting and law courts were organized. The funny part was that when we entered at 3 pm, we had no idea that the Roman Forum would close at 5 pm, so two hours later, strolling calmly around this impressive place, we saw some guards running around to get all the remaining people out. Luckily, we were not the only ones who didn’t know that we were supposed to leave and instead went on to explore a little bit more of the place after closing hour. Also, we were quite far away from the entrance, which is why there was no chance to get out on time anyway. A funny experience we will always remember!

After we left the forum we were very hungry, and so we decided to try out one of Rome’s restautants and looked online for recommended places to eat. After some time searching, we found a YouTuber called Valle Caballero and watched a video in which she gave tips for those who wanted to visit Rome on a budget. She was presenting one of the cheapest restaurants, but a very good one that also was extremly popular there. So we tried it out, and it turned out to be the perfect choice! When we arrived, we saw a large waiting line and so we prepared to wait some time before we were finally assigned to a table. Honestly, we did not have high expectations because the prices were extremly low: a margherita pizza for 2€, carbonara for just 3€, the bruschette for 2€ – most part of the menu cost less than 5€. But once we tasted the food we fastly understood why so many people were waiting for so long to get a table there. It is the perfect place to spend a beautiful night eating tasty food at an affordable price!

Everything was working out perfectly that day. As I am a big fan of chocolate, I really wanted to see what Rome has to offer in the world of sweets. We were walking around the center and enjoyed every second of every corner of the beautiful city center. Near the Fontana di Trevi we found a man handing out brochures to all the tourists who were passing by. Just out of curiosity we wanted to see what that was all about, and so we grabbed one. Guess what. It was a flyer about an Italian gourmet chocolate manufacture called “Venchi” that was just 1 km away from where we were. And so we grabbed some icecream and started to walk.

Let me tell you that Rome at night is as amazing as it is during the day. There are a lot of people walking around, live music performed by street artists, all shops are open, and at that moment I realized that choosing Rome as our first big trip was the best idea, being happy about the fact that everything was working out way better than we expected. Moreover, this city gave us everything we were looking for. Good food, a bustling and beautiful night life, the rich history of ancient Rome, and the variety of amazing places to find gourmet sweets, good pastries and coffee shops.

Day 2 And 3: Getting Lost In The Eternal City

Another thing I really enjoyed was Euroma2, the biggest mall in Europe, which is also one of the most exclusive ones in Rome. That’s where we spend most of our second day of our trip, buying some new clothes, eating burgers and just realax a bit. After a full day of walking, sightseeing, and photoshooting we really needed a break.

The third day was entirely dedicated to a trip to the Vatican, the smallest country in the world. As I previously told you, it is pretty easy to get there by metro because there is a metro station right outside Vatican which is called “Ottaviano-S. Pietro” station. From Roma Termini, the central train station, you take the metro and five stops and 10 to 15 minutes later, you arrive in Vatican City. Make sure to pay attation to the schedule because from Sunday to Thursday the metro runs between 5:30 AM and 11:30 PM, but on Friday and Saturday the schedule changes and it runs from 5:30 AM to 1:30 AM.

Since we didn’t know that there was a metro station so close to the Vatican, we headed to Roma Termini and took the bus instead with the number 40 which left us 10 minutes away from the main square in Vatican City called “St. Peter’s Square”. It was a longer trip and it took us around 40 minutes to get there, but this way we were able to enjoy some beautiful views along the roads of Rome. Believe me when I say that it was worth every single extra minute!

Time for a precious tip: Similar to the Coliseum, the Vatican can be visited for free, but in this case it’s the last Sunday of every month when the entry is free. So if you would like to visit both of them for free, you can take a trip to Rome starting with the last Sunday of a month, and end the trip 8 days later. If you ask me, I think eight days are too much because Rome is small enough that you can walk easily from one landmark to another and see all the interesting things and even visit the surroundings perfectly in four to five days. But that is different for everybody.

The Vatican, in my opinion is very beautiful, especially the St. Peter’s Church and the St. Peter’s Square, but if you are like us and do not want to enter to see the inside of the Church and the gardens, then one entire day is too much time. Yes, it is amazing. Yes, it is a very good spot to take photos, but beside all of this it is extremly small, so believe me when I say that three to four hours should be more than enough time.

We reached the time of the story where I tell you how we spend the forth day which is also the last one of our trip. Let me tell you that it was a perfect day! The sun was shining, the city was not that crowded, we woke up early and our first stop was the Sant’Angelo Castle, which we only saw from the outside because our plans didn’t allow us to spend too much time there. The castle is impressive and interestingly at some time in the past it was the highest building in Rome.

We continued and tried to find the Fontana di Trevi. For some unknown reason, our map application did not work very well that day, so it was not helping us a lot. We were a little lost but we kept walking until we accidently saw some kind of momument and thought it would be great to see what that is. It turned out that it was actually the part of the church that is situated at the top of “The Spanish Steps” on the “Piazza di Spagna”, both of them being very famous spots in Rome.

Reaching this beautiful place without even knowing the exact way was a pretty cool experience! We stopped for some photos and to have breakfast at the McDonalds which was just a few meters away from the square. With Wifi, we were able to check our map again and saw all the nearby landmarks which were just a few streets away. We saw that, from Plazza Spagna, we could definitely walk to Fontana di Trevi in just 5 minutes. So that was our next stop, the magnificent Fontana di Trevi, one of the most popular landmarks in Rome and the spot where everybody wants to throw a coin inside.

Legends say that whoever turns around and throws a coin into the fountain will return to Rome someday. In order to do it correctly, you have to take the coin with your right hand, turn your back to the fountain and throw it over your left shoulder. I personally did not do it, but i think it could be fun, and who knows, maybe it works for you?

Don’t Hesitate: Visit Rome!

All in all, from my point of view, Rome is the perfect destination for four to five-day trip. It’s a beautiful destination for couples because it is a romantic city where you can also find a lot of activities and places dedicated to the lovers, like making a wish in the Fontana di Trevi, having luch or dinner at Plazza Navona, an amazigly beautiful square, watch the sunset from the top part of the Spanish stairs, and maybe, if you would like to make it more romantic, buy a bottle of sparkling wine and go there we the sun is about to go down. Believe me you will experience an amazing date night!

I definitely fell in love with Rome and so far it is one of my favorite cities and I am sure that many of the amazing memories will remain forever. Moreover, it was our first big trip together, so for us Rome will always have a special place in our hearts. It made us grow culturaly by showing and teaching us the city’s incredible past and its unique ancient architecture. All the buildings and remains from ancient Rome left us surprised and made us realize what a big impact this city had on world history, which made us feel quite small. We just discovered and visited one of the greatest empires of all times and there is nothing else that could be compare to it. This trip filled us with pure joy and happiness and we will definitely be back some day!

I strongly recommend you all to take your time and visit Rome at least once in your life. You won’t be dissapointed. Every time you go there, you will find something new and special there. For us, something that I will never forget from our last day in Rome, was a guy who was making a “bubble soap show” right in the middle of the Plazza Navona. It filled me with joy seeing all the kids running around with big smiles, just because they saw some bubbles, Their innocence, their pretty faces, it is impossible to not make you smile at least a little bit.

Rome is a happy place. It really is. We weren’t kids anymore, but we enjoyed all of this just like they did. Sometimes feeling like a kid again is what we are missing in order to be happier in our lives. We need forget about our worries and expectations once in a while and just enjoy the moment more often, because we only have this one life and it is better to enjoy it as much as we can. So travel and live your best life, and in case you decide to visit Rome, I hope and I am almost sure that it will leave a beautiful lasting impression as it did with me!


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