Charity Projects

Giving Getaway donates 50 percent of all payments and commissions to charity – and here are the charity projects we supported in the past!

Christmas Gifts for Children in Montenegro

Since 1946 the “Dječiji Dom Mladost” in Bijela is taking care of children that are deprived of parental care and whose development is hindered by family circumstances and currently (as of December 2020) they accommodate 100 children aged between 2 and 18. Striving to create a healthy environment for the children to grow and develop various skills in order to prepare them for an independent life, the children’s home implemented educational and social activities, giving them the opportunity to engage in volunteering and work activities.

Johanniter Christmas Truck Campaign

Giving Getaway put together one package with essentials for people in need in Southeast Europe for every completed Information Collection Questionnaire that has been submitted in December 2019. These packages were collected and distributed by the voluntary humanitarian organization “Die Johanniter”

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

Record-breaking temperatures and the worst drought in the history of Australia have caused catastrophic fires all around the country. As the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia, WIRES do its utmost to take care of Australian wildlife and rescue as many animals as possible.

Donations and Receipts

Completing our Information Collection Questionnaire and paying for our travel planning service initiates donations for a charitable cause of your choice. Take a look at all donations that have been made so far (aside from past events that are listed above).

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