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Welcome to Giving Getaway’s World Map! Here you will find all the countries, cities and regions which Giving Getaway can cover with information that were submitted by travelers and locals from all around the world! Click yourself through the map and through the list below to find out which information have been provided by whom and to read more about why these places are worth visiting. Or check our Information Collection Questionnaire to place your own marker on this map.


A small country full of hidden gems, mountain ranges, beautiful forests, beaches and plenty of UNSECO World Heritage sites!


The unique geography and climate conditions helped shaping Argentinas rich cultural history and their exceptional cuisine.


Vast dream beaches, stunning natural wonders, unique animal species and megacities like Sydney and Melbourne take every heart by storm.


The biggest country in South America stands for endless sand beaches, verdant rainforests, delicious food and welcoming people with very diverse ethnic and cultural heritages.


As one of the longest-running civilizations on earth, China offers unique cultural experiences for everyone! Inspiring landscapes and the incredible food are also good reasons to visit this thriving country.

Czech Republic

A country of good beer, tasty Czech dumplings (Knedlíky), special sense of humor, nice landscapes, and beautiful golden Prague.


As Europe’s most heavily-forested country and with more than 188,000 lakes, Finland is the perfect place for everyone who would like to delve into peacefulness and serenety.


A beautiful country with incredibly hospitable people and delicious food, where five-thousanders reign in the Caucasus, and wild horses graze on the green steppes.


Historically significant medieval old towns and UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as stunning landscapes and dream beaches are only few good reasons to visit Greece.


One of the oldest cultures in the world, which overwhelms with contrasts, noise, colors, smells, and arouses many emotions but never leaves you indifferent to its magic.


The unspoiled beauty of its rugged coastlines, green rolling hills and quaint villages in the countryside make Ireland the perfect destination for extensive road trips.


Nature enthusiasts as well as lovers of history, architecture and relaxing beach vacations will find countless places in Italy to marvel at; not to mention the amazing local cuisine!


Situated in the heart of Europe, this small country impresses with medieval castles, scenic valleys and a diverse Luxembourgish cuisine.


A unique culture that is steeped in history, generous and welcoming people, diverse landscapes and a mouth-watering local cuisine – Mexico has it all!


Experience Mozambique’s untamed beauty, delve into true African culture and enjoy stunning sunsets at some of the most gorgeous sand beaches of the content.

New Zealand

Breathtaking landscapes with beautiful coastlines, majestic mountain ranges and stunning National Parks as well as the welcoming people make every trip to New Zealand memorable.


A small country that impresses with tropical beaches, the beautiful San Blas Islands, a huge biodiversity, a vibrant capital and some of the best coffee in the world.


Portugal’s complex history, diverse landscapes and picturesque cities like Lisbon and Porto make this country the perfect destination for all kinds of trips and vacations.


Small but excellent! Visit tranquil lake scenes like Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, marvel at snow covered mountains in the north, and stroll through picturesque coastal towns in Slovenian Istria in the south.

South Korea

Discover the mix of modernism and traditionalism in Seoul, explore the quiet countryside, beautiful mountain ranges and coastlines and taste the unique South Korean cuisine.

Sri Lanka

All in all 26 national parks with some of the rarest animals in the world as well as Sri Lanka’s picture-postcard beaches and its distinctive cuisine make this country a must-visit destination for almost everyone.


Thailand stands for some of the most stunning beaches in the world, fabulous food, an abundant wildlife in numerous beautiful national parks, and breathtaking Buddhist Temples.

United States of America

Scenic views in stunning national parks, iconic cities like New York City and San Francisco as well as its diverse culture and welcoming people make the USA the perfect travel destination.


Icebergs as big as large buildings, the unique wildlife and hiking on icy trails are only few reasons to visit the “White Continent”!


Explore Armenia’s breathtaking landscapes, visit its beautiful monasteries in the mountains and learn more about its long history!


The country of waffles, beer and chocolate impresses with a number of scenic small towns with architecturally imposing buildings, located next to rivers and lakes.


As a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Chile impresses with diverse landscapes like deserts, volcanoes, vineyards, beaches, glaciers and forests.


Here you will find crystal clear waters, picturesque old towns and breathtaking natural wonders in some of Europe’s most beautiful natonal parks.


England impresses with its rich history, a unique culture, stunning coastlines, its peaceful countryside, enchanting villages and its capital London, which is one of the world’s most visited cities.


Get lost in the city of love and in plenty of picturesque villages, soak up the sun at the Mediterranean Sea and marvel at the majestic Mont Blanc in the Alps.


A country that is rich in histroy with vibrant megacities, fairytale towns, beaches in the north, mountain ranges south, and probably some of the best beers in the world!


Off the beaten path and abundant in unotuched natural wonders like massive glaciers, fjords and the colorful tundra, Greenland won’t leave any adventurer leave cold.


A country with over 17,000 islands, a wide range of different cultures, animal and fauna species and spectacular landscapes with sandy beaches and imposing volcanoes.


Country of the first civilizations, of the holy city with the three largest monotheistic religions. An interesting mix of cultures, desert landscapes and seaside resorts.


From stunning natural landscapes to historical sites like Petra, one of the seven world wonders, Jordan and its welcoming people fill every traveler with enthusiasm.


Being rich in diversity, Malaysia offers everything from modern architecture in thriving cities to fascinating natural landscapes like wild jungles and dream beaches.


Visit Morocco and its beautiful coastlines, medival villages, imperial cities like Marrakech and Rabat, rugged mountain ranges, the Sahara Desert and much more.


A country that is much more than just Amsterdam, windmills and canals. Explore charming Dutch towns and villages, beautiful islands and beaches and marvel at historic and modern architecture.


Spectacular mountain ranges in the north, vast desert dunes in the south, and a multitude of fascinating cultures in between: visit Pakistan and delve into a once-in-a-life-time travel experience!


It is here that the geometric center of Europe is located, a country of beautiful landscapes, historic cities, full of monuments and castles.


Vibrant metropolises like Moscow and St. Petersburg, its rich history, fascinating culture, unique cuisine and untouched nature are only few reasons to visit the world’s largest country by landmass.

South Africa

Go on safari in some of Africa’s finest conservation areas and national parks, soak up the sun at breathtaking beaches, and learn more about South Africa’s moving history and its diverse cultures.


Visit Spain if you want to find yourself discovering stunning and diverse landscapes, picturesque villages, historic cities, authentic restaurants and lively tapas bars.


Climb Africa’s highest mountain, go on safari in the wild Serengeti, explore pristine coral reefs and visit the world’s largest volcanoe crater – Tanzania is a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers.

United Arab Emirates

This country is characterized by its striking contrast between traditionalism and modernism, especially in its two global cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Visit Vietnam and explore top-listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites like beautiful national parks, stunning beaches and ancient towns, an exquisite cuisine and meet extremely friendly and hospitable people.
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