About Us

Giving Getaway is for travel enthusiasts and for everyone who is interested in playing a part in contributing to make this world a better place.

About Giving Getaway

Are you constantly daydreaming about how it would be to leave everything behind? And do you sometimes catch yourself thinking that “something” is going wrong these days? That this world seems to go off the rails? Don’t worry: You are not alone! Find out how Giving Getaway helps you to make the most of your next trip – and how we help others who are in need or who do their best in protecting the climate and our animals.

About the Founder

My name is Chris, I founded Giving Getaway in 2019 and in this text I would like to tell you more about my journey, my vision and the reasons for creating this travel project. Everything started with the idea to combine travel planning with charity work and finally lead to the vision to build the world’s biggest travel data base, use this data base to create unique customized travel plans with the help of competent travel experts and to take parts of the profits, invest them in charity projects and make this world a better place.

About the Concept

Information gathering, travel planning and charitable donations – did you lose track of how Giving Getaway works? This flowchart illustrates all integral components and helps you understand the three steps and how they are connected with you and the principles of Giving Getaway.

About our Travel Experts

Even if you plan to visit the most remote corners of this world, Giving Getaway wants to make sure to provide you with precisely accurate and timely information. For that reason, we are collaborating with some of the most experienced travelers in this field; experts, who visited numerous countries and whose expertise helps us to continuously develop our project, to publish interesting blog posts and – most importantly – to create detailed and individually Customized Information Packages!

Feedback Section

Many of Giving Getaway’s features are the result of YOUR ideas, feedback that we received from engaging followers and supporters who shared their thoughts on how this concept can be improved. As a logical consequence, Giving Getaway finally decided to implement a feedback section to encourage more people to communicate their ideas and suggestions and to take this project to the next level!
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